Application Process

Application Process to Study in Australia



Here is an overview of our steps in applying for a student visa in Australia. If have questions, feel free to contact us and our friendly consultants will gladly answer all your queries.

[expand title="1. Register for a FREE Consultation and Assessment" tag="p" expanded="true"]

To facilitate your consultation and assessment for qualification to your preferred school or course, fill-out and submit our online form. All personal and non-personal information you provide us will be used only for this specific purpose; and in no way may it be transferred or ceded to any third-party, unless necessary to undertake our consultation and assessment service.

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We have partnered with a number of schools offering different courses and degrees to match your skills and interest. We have a list of Schools and Universities we are currently partnered with, and you may read a few descriptions about it in our Schools & Courses page. If you are having difficulty choosing the right course or school for you, do not worry. Contact us and we will help you out.

[/expand] [expand title="3. Prepare documents and ISTAC will contact you for an interview" tag="p" expanded="true"]

After having successfully submitted an online consultation and assessment form, our professional consultants will review your information. You will receive an e-mail or a call from an ISTAC Academic Consultant on the date and time of your interview. Prepare and update your resume to serve as a reference for the assessment. Once done, we will get in touch with you regarding the succeeding steps of your application.

[/expand] [expand title="4. Book and take an IELTS exam" tag="p" expanded="true"]

Australian educational institutions require an IELTS certification for you to be admitted to any of their programs. Depending on your school or course of choice, the IELTS bandwidth required of you may vary. We suggest you check the IELTS exam schedules and file for an application as soon as you can. There are also IELTS online review courses you may avail of to prepare you for the test.

[/expand] [expand title="5. Fill out and sign ISTAC Contract of Agreement" tag="p" expanded="true"]

As soon as you have successfully submitted all requirements and complied with the eligibilities required, the final step would be consenting on Contract of Agreement between you and ISTAC. This will be sent to you by an ISTAC adacemic consultant and will cover our mutual obligations, and will serve as a binding contract between both parties.

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Once you receive your Letter Offer / Certificate of Enrollment, an Our consultants based in the Philippines and Australia will assist you with the visa application, necessary travel arrangements, and the procurement of your Student Visa.