How difficult it is to get a student visa to study in Australia?

It is not difficult to get a student visa to study in Australia for a student who meets all the prescribed requirements. Student visa applications are dealt with on a case to case basis. To get a student visa without any hassles, it is required that a student must fill in the application correctly and submit all the necessary documents with the visa application. ISTAC team will help you to apply for the visa by guiding you to complete visa application form, and by ensuring that you submit all the required documents with it.

What is the consultation fee charged by ISTAC for their services to the students?

ISTAC does not charge any consultation fee. Consultation with us is free of all charges. However, we will ask for a minimum refundable security deposit. This will be shown in the service contract. The deposit will be refunded either in cash or adjusted against the school fee, visa application or against any other expenses in Australia, as per your choice.

Can you help me to get a student visa?

Yes, we can help you to get a student visa by assisting you in filing the visa application with all the required supporting documents. Our representatives in Australia and in the Philippines are trained professionals that would help you with your visa application.

Can I, as an international student, work in Australia?

Yes, international students are permitted to learn and earn simultaneously. All full time students are permitted to work part-time to a maximum 40 hours every fortnight, and work full time during vacations.

No work limits apply if you are studying a Masters’ degree or pursuing a Doctorate course in Australia

The Dependents of Post-Graduate and Doctorate Students are allowed to work full time.

After graduation in Australia will I be permitted to work there?

Yes. You will be eligible for a 2 years graduate work visa after completion of 2 years of formal higher education.

What is the minimum basic wage in Australia?

The basic minimum wage in Australia varies from AUD $17 to AUD $25 per hour.

Can I still stay in Australia after I finish my course?

Yes, you stay in Australia after getting a graduate visa. This visa will grant you permission to work full time. We can assist you in applying for the graduate visa too.

How SAFE is Australia for foreign students?

Australia is a safe country with a very low crime rate. It is a developed nation with a stable democratic form of government. It attracts students from all over the globe for studies. All academic institutions have a very friendly environment. Foreign students are also provided special assistance through International Student Support Units of various universities.

Is there a deadline for submission of my application for studying in Australia?

No. Academic courses generally commence twice a year in Australia. These begin either in February (1st semester) or July (2nd semester). Few of the courses are also available throughout the year. Students who wish to study in Australia should start their application process at least four months in advance of the commencement of the course. These four months are required to prepare various documents to process student visa. Processing of student visa generally takes about 4-12 weeks.

Is an English competency certificate a mandatory requirement for studying in Australia?

Yes. An English competency certification is required for a course depends on the type of the program. It is therefore suggested that you speak to our consultant before applying for such a certification. The different types of certification you can choose include IELTS, PTE, TOFEL, and OET.

What will be the cost of education in Australia?

The cost for VET courses varies from AUD$5,000 to AUD$16,000.
The ranges from AUD$20,000 to AUD$30,000 for Under Graduate Courses.
It ranges between AUD$25,000 to AUD$35,000 for Post Graduate Courses.
Studying is Australia is less expensive than studying in the UK or the USA. Also, since it is closer to Asia as compared to the US or the UK, travelling to Australia is cheaper.

Do they offerscholarships to foreign students in Australia?

Yes. School fees discounts and some other benefits are offered as scholarships to foreign students. Academically meritorious students are also offered scholarships by schools in the later part of their academic sessions.

What is the ranking of universities of Australia?

All universities in Australia are owned and funded by the government. There is a single government body which regulates the universities. There is no system of official ranking of Australian Universities. Choice of a university should be based on the course that suits one’s interests.

How ISTAC selects prospective students for studying in Australia?

We are responsible for checking the suitability of all prospective students. ISTAC conducts an initial interview of all the applicants to check their credibility and ability to meet all the academic requirements. During the interview, the economic background of the candidates is also checked to decide whether they are financially capable of undertaking studies in Australia. We also check the academic record of students and ensure that the student’s SOP and GSA forms fulfil all the requirements as laid down by the GTE. We also carry out the quality check of academic and financial documents submitted by the students and ensure that only those documents are submitted which will be accepted both by the education institutions as well as the Australian Immigration.

Do I have to take an entrance examination for admission to Australian Universities?

No. Most of the courses offered by the Australian Universities do not require a student to qualify in an entrance examination. Personal interview for the entrance to study program is also not required. However, we do a preliminary interview to check the suitability and credibility of the prospective students.

Do they give additional benefits for sports and extracurricular activities for admission to Australian university?

No. The academic performance of a student is the main criteria for the grant of admission to an Australian university. Performance in sports and extracurricular activities improves your profile and may help you to get scholarships, or benefit you during Job Interviews.

Do I need to get a tax file number if I study in Australia?

It is recommended by the Australian government that all foreign students should get an Australian tax file number (TFN). The TFN is required for banking and to file tax returns if you work in Australia. A student can apply online to get a TFN. Application forms for TFN are also available at all post offices in Australia.

Can I take my family members or dependents along with me while I study in Australia?

Yes. You are permitted to take your family members or dependents along with you while you go to Australia for studies, provided you have completed 52 weeks studying in the country. Your family members or dependents can also join you while you are studying in Australia. A separate visa is required for such family members or dependents.

Do I have to complete my studies within the specified time period?

Yes, your student visa will specify the time of your studies in Australia. However, it can be extended if there are some unavoidable circumstances that have emerged during your time of study

A visa extension can be given if you want to wait for your graduation or would like to travel around Australia after completing your studies.

Can I apply for the extension of my student visa in Australia?

Yes. You are permitted to apply for an extension of your student visa if you are not able to finish your course within the specified period.

Can I change my course of study after my arrival in Australia?

Yes, you may be permitted to change your course or program in Australia as long as it is not a lower program than your current course. It can be either be of the same level or a higher level.