The University of Newcastle promises world-class education in an educational institution that embraces diversity. With students from over 100 different countries in the world, The University of Newcastle is a melting pot of cultures and beliefs where everyone shares the same goal– quality education. The school thrives to offer both the in-demand courses and timeless degrees for its students; while constantly coming up with means to improve its quality of instruction and real-life learning. Students in this University also get their fair share of research, and community-focused activities.

Newcastle International College

This modern and progressive institution provides students with an alternative pathway to studies in the University. Proud to be a part of the Navitas group and associated with the University of Newcastle, NIC has a long-standing reputation for its research and academic excellence. Courses offered here are focused both on academic and professional training, preparing its students for the real world.

Graduate School and Online Graduate School of Newcastle

Since 2000, the Graduation School has been offering comprehensive post-collegiate courses both for local and international students; more so with its online postgraduate courses. Academic tracks here represent every faculty in the University, providing opportunities for further education.